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"Who ya gonna call?" There's been a lull in ghost activity in New York City and the Ghostbusters have long been out of business. Only Egon Spengler and ghostly sidekick Slimer remain. Egon has begun teaching a college paranormal course when ghosts emerge from the New York underground. The torch is thus passed to a new team of Ghostbusters: Roland, Garrett, Eduardo and Kylie. Guided by Egon and with advanced equipment, the Extreme Ghostbusters face off against nastier and meaner ghosts. This show is very loosely based on the previous shows and movies. The only real concept thats stays the same is Slimer, Egon, and the Ghostbusting.

Actors: Alfonso Ribeiro, Tara Strong, Pat Musick, Rino Romano, Maurice LaMarche, Jason Marsden, Billy West
Genre: Animation
Season 1
    Episode : Greased  
    Episode 9: Killjoys  
    Episode 14: Grease  
    Episode 27: Fallout  
    Episode 35: Rage  
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