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Revolver combined new comedy writing with some of the best loved faces from the golden age of television. The rate of sketches was fast paced with few lasting more than a minute.John Inman, Gorden Kaye and Melvyn Hayes were among a host of comedy veterans who made up the cast. The team penning the material had previously worked on the sketch series Velvet
Soup and although Revolver aired very late in the evening, by comparison it was relatively mild. Regular characters include nosy neighbour Agnes (Julie Goodyear) who watches as Daleks attack children and digs consume helium in a surreal outside world, a man who has been buried alive (Nicholas Smith), the world's most unsuccessful safecracker (Leslie Phillips), a farmer obsessed with the movies (Gorden Kaye) and inept daytime chat show host Dave Davids (Mervyn Hayes). The series was piloted on BBC Choice in 2001. The main writers include Stephen Punt, Simon Blackwell (who has

Actors: John Inman, Melvyn Hayes, Honor Blackman, Nicholas Smith, Lionel Blair, Julie Goodyear, Gordon Kaye, Roy Barraclough, Stephen Lewis, Leslie Phillips, Ruth Madoc
Season 1
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