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What is Playing It Straight (UK) about?
Welcome to the Playing It Straight (UK) guide at TV Tome. _________________________________ Zoe, a very attractive woman is thrown into the Mexico resort, the Hacienda, with 10 gorgeous guys. She must eliminate 9 of them to leave just 1, although there's a catch! While some of them are straight...some of them are Gay! Zoe must now switch on her gaydar, because if she chooses a straight guy, she will share 50'00 with him, however if she chooses a gay guy, he will win the whole 100'000. However, things are harder then they seem, as Zoe quickly finds out in the first elimination. Who will be the last one standing? But most importantly, who's straight and who's just Playing it straight? _________________________________ WARNING! Some of the guys might be lying, lol. Also, the guys eliminated will be revealed in the notes section, and if he was gay or straight, so if you don't want to know for any reason, then don't look. __________________________________

Actors: June Sarpong, Alex, Raphael, Pretesh, Marco, Daniel Blondie, Demetrius, Brian Bracok, Jonny, Danny, Ben, George, Peter, Alan Cumming, Zoe

Season 1 of Playing It Straight (UK)

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