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Welcome to the Wojeck guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. Wojeck premiered as an episode of Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre in the episode Tell Them The Streets are Dancing. Based on the exploits of real-life Toronto coronor Dr. Morton Shulman, Dr. Steve Wojeck was a medical examiner and tireless crusader against drug abuse, elderly abuse, police abuse, auto safety, Indian abuse, industrial abuse, etc. In short, a Canadian version of Quincy, M.E. that predated that show by a decade. One of the CBC's first dramas, the series was widely acclaimed for its direct and sometimes harsh exploration of contemporary social issues. Wojeck himself was a stalwart, quiet man driven to outrage over the injustice he confronted. He was supported by his wife Marty and his children Steve and Judy, and they dealt with many normal family issues of the day. After two seasons the show was cancelled due to a c

Actors: Carl Banas, Jamey Weyman, Ted Follows, Patricia Collins, John Vernon, Tannis G. Montgomery
Season 1
Season 2
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