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Welcome to the Kovels on Collecting guide at TV Tome. For many years, Ralph and Terry Kovel had been writing books on antiques and collectibles. They had gained recognition on national television back in 1972 with Know Your Antiques. Cleveland audiences saw them annually on The WVIZ Televised Auction, which ran nine days back then. It was natural that Ralph and Terry Kovel would return with a new PBS series, and Kovels on Collecting gave them that opportunity. The Kovels traveled across the United States, finding rare objects, interviewing collectors, seeing antique shows, and generally sharing a good banter along the way. Kovels on Collecting was also created for a more pragmatic reason. At the time, WVIZ was criticized by Cleveland's newspaper for not going all-out (as Boston's WGBH 2 or New York's WThirteen/NET does regularly) with several TV series distributed nationwide. Betty Cope, who at this time was the only president WVIZ ever had, wanted to allay this imp
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