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Welcome to the Invasion Iowa guide at TV Tome. From the production team of The Joe Schmo Show, the reality show where only "Joe" and "Jane" Schmo didn't know was fake, comes Invasion Iowa. Invasion Iowa aired over four nights on Spike TV beginning on March 29, 2005 and ended with a two-hour finale on April Fool's Day. The show dupes residents of the small-town of Riverside, Iowa citizens into believing they've been hired on as crew for a science-fiction / time-travel film starring William Shatner. What they don't know is that they entire stunt has been planned out for over a year and there's no real movie being filmed in order to parody Hollywood and not be mean-spirited toward Riverside. In the end, everyone was let in on the joke and Riverside receives $100,000. The phony Invasion Iowa movie has cast and crew that are both residents of Riverside and hired actors and actresses. Hired onto the show to play outrageous characters are: Ernie Grunwald - He's playing Steve, B

Actors: Bill Blank, William Shatner, Scott Riggan, Brandon Kaufman, Jim Pickering, Bill Poch, Garz Chan, Diana Schultz, Ryan Baumbach, John Conway, Michael J. O'Hara, Kirk Ward, Ernie Grunwald, Desi Lydic, Brook Lemke, Leann Sexton, Wayne Simon, Mike Poch
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