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What is Search about?
The premise of the show centered on Probe, a division of World Securities Corporation. Individuals, companies, governments would hire the Probe Division to "search and recover that which was missing." Probe's agents were equiped with miniturized television scanners, which transmitted picture, sound, medical telemetry and anything else the script writers could think of back to Probe Control, where computer specialists monitored the agent's progress, and analyzed the information the scanner was transmitting. The scanners were small and round and had a magnetic back so they could attach to a ring, tie-tack, locket, or anything with a metal surface. That way the scanner appeared to be an exotic piece of jewelry. The agents also had a small audio receiver implanted behind the left ear, so they could hear sound transmitted from Probe Control. The Control personnel would link up to any data base, government or private, to retrieve information that would help the agent work the case. The agent

Actors: Burgess Meredith, Anthony Franciosa, Hugh O'Brian, Angel Tompkins, Doug McClure
Genre: Action and Adventure

    Episode 1: Probe  

Season 1 of Search

    Episode 4: Moonrock  
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