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Moz is a small-time (hash only) drug dealer. He rarely sets foot outside the confines of his squalid Manchester flat he shares with his long-suffering girlfriend Nicki. He's a lazy slob basically - as Nicki comments, "Jesus, Moz. I've seen coma victims with more 'get-up-and-go'". The series provides a window onto his life, and the bizarre sequence of people who come round to score from him. His dealer is a dodgy copper, his girlfriend is fed up with him, and he has visits from a silent man who wears a cartoon mask.

Actors: Natalie Gumede, Sinead Matthews, Nicola Reynolds, Johnny Vegas, Tom Goodman-Hill
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1
    Episode : Xmas  
    Episode 1: The Rat  
    Episode 8: The Body  
Season 2
    Episode 5: The Boss  
Season 3
    Episode 4: The Nest  
    Episode 5: The Bath  
Season 4
    Episode 2: The Past  
    Episode 5: The War  
Season 5
Season 6
    Episode 3: The Kill  
    Episode 7: The Ear  
Season 7
    Episode 5: The Love  
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