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What is Brat Camp about?
Brat Camp is about youngsters who are out of control!!! What would you do with a teen that spits and curses at you, breaks the law in your house and doesn't listen to anything you say? Six families decide to send their out of control teenagers to Red Cliff Ascent, a boot camp program in the wilds of Utah, in hopes that once it is over they will get back the children they once knew and loved. In this tough-love show about rebel teens forced to confront their problems, Brat Camp chronicles six badly behaved teenagers that are sent away to behavior camp. Cut off from the outside world, the teenagers are first stripped of all the trappings of their old lives, including piercings, cigarettes, music and their street clothes. They are then thrown into a tough, unforgiving wilderness regime (featuring daily hikes, freezing night-time temperatures, and a diet of dried fruits and nuts) where they learn to become self-sufficient. The teens are kept under the watchful eye

Actors: Danny Fountaine, Cowboy Dave, Dan Saunderson, Sandy Jewkes, Justin Swenson, Jemma, Xanthe, Alex Parkins, Joshua Mendenhal, Jennie, Ed, Tom Phillips, Joe, Dan Leary, Charlie Mason, Rachael Greenberg, Fran Bradley, James Fonfé, Josh
Genre: Reality

Season 1 of Brat Camp

    Episode 1: Week One  
    Episode 2: Week Two  

Season 2 of Brat Camp

    Episode 3: Week Two  

Season 3 of Brat Camp

Season 4 of Brat Camp

Season 5 of Brat Camp

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