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The county of Miami-Dade, Fla., covers more than 2,000 square miles, ranging from South Beach to the Everglades. It is filled with millions of creatures alligators, Chihuahuas, you name it but there is only one team dedicated to animal emergencies: the men and women of Miami Animal Police. For the Miami Animal Police team at the Miami-Dade Police Department Animal Services Unit, their city is literally an urban jungle. Join the team as they deal with nearly 2,500 calls a month: a loose alligator causes a 9-mile backup on the freeway, a python is found in a public restroom, and a cult that sacrifices animals is discovered. These cases, along with many forms of animal abuse, are explored in Miami Animal Police. Miami Animal Police follows a team of officers dedicated to the Animal Services Unit (ASU) as they police the 2.2 million people of the extremely diverse Miami-Dade County area. Based minutes from downtown Miami and on call 24 hours a day, the ASU responds to a broad ran

Actors: Dierdra Jorgensen, Kathy Labrada, Gary Boyett, Kevin Hefner, Officer Lisa Yambrich, Todd Hardwick, Officer Lydia Marquez, Officer Sergio Tortoriello, Officer Fernando Casadevall, Lt. Patrick Reynolds, Sgt. Charlie Daye, Deanna Graff
Genre: Reality
Season 1
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