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Brought up in an orphanage, Haoto (Abe Natsumi), a young blind girl, was teased and discriminated against, and the only things she enjoyed were playing with a puppy at the pet shop, and playing the piano. Eve though she is blind, Haoto had an amazing talent that even she didnt realize. A talent called perfect pitch. She could play any song on the piano after hearing it only once. Finally, someone noticed her talent. His name was Shinya Minazuki (Nishijima Hidetoshi), and he was also a lonely pianist who was brought up in an orphanage. Haoto about to start a new life in a world unknown to her, comes to be entangled in an intense dispute between the siblings of the rich Minazuki family over who will inherit their prestigious music school. What will happen to the gifted Haoto? This drama which evolves around beautiful piano music, is full of love, suspense, and mystery

Genre: Drama
Season 1
    Episode 1:   
    Episode 2:   
    Episode 3:   
    Episode 4:   
    Episode 5:   
    Episode 6:   
    Episode 7:   
    Episode 8:   
    Episode 9:   
    Episode 10:   
    Episode 11:   
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