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What is The Challengers about?
Welcome to The Challengers guide at TV Tome. The Challengers was a short lived (but fondly remembered by many in the game show community) quiz show of the early '90s. Three contestants (one a returning champion) competed. The game started with the "Challengers Sprint," a 60-second speed round. Each correct answer netted the contestants $100, a wrong answer took away $100. (NOTE: Contestants originally started the Challengers Sprint with nothing, this was later changed to each contestant being spotted $200). After the speed round, two rounds of questions would be played. Each round had 6 categories, with three questions for each category. The dollar values for the first round were originally $150, $200, and $250 (these were later reduced by $50 each when the contestants were spotted $200 in the beginning.) They doubled in the second round. The player in the lead after the Challengers Sprint (the one who gave the last correct answer after that) would choose the c

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