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The newest reincarnation of in-studio wrestling in Memphis, Tennessee. Run by host Corey Maclin, this version of Memphis Wrestling concentrates on building young stars and remembering the old ones. Memphis Wrestling currently airs Saturdays at 11 am on UPN 30 in Memphis, UPN Mississippi every Saturday night at 9 pm, & in the United Kingdom on the Wrestling channel at 8 pm Monday, 2 pm Tuesday, 4 pm Wednesday, 10 am Saturday and 3 pm Sunday.

Actors: David Cash, Jimmy Hart, Brian Lawler, Nelson Fraizer, Brian Teigland, Rocky Johnson, Derrick King, Rashard Devon, Larry Booker, Reggie Walker, Bill Dundee, Kevin White, Jerry Lawler, James Ware, Jim Harris, Doug Gilbert, Jerry Calhoun, Corey Maclin
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