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Based on the feature movies "F/X" comes a hour-long action show F/X: The Series, a mix of illusion and reality. The show centeres around Rollie Tyler (Cameron Daddo), who fights against his unsuspecting crooks and is mostly a lot stronger and smarter than them with his skills and knowledge. The show is mostly described as a mix of Mission: Impossible and MacGyver and is attractive even more because one of the stars is Carrie-Anne Moss, a famous Matrix cast. The show ran two years in syndication.

Actors: Cameron Daddo, Sherry Miller, Christina Cox, Jason Blicker, Carrie-Anne Moss, Richard Waugh, Jacqueline Torres, Kevin Dobson
Genre: Drama
Season 1
    Episode 5: Payback  
    Episode 6: The Ring  
    Episode 7: Dingo  
    Episode 12: Target  
    Episode 14: Medea  
    Episode 16: Gemini  
    Episode 21: Reunion  
Season 2
    Episode 3: Siege  
    Episode 8: Ritual  
    Episode 13: Reaper  
    Episode 14: Inferno  
    Episode 16: Chiller  
    Episode 17: Thief  
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