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Welcome to the In Other Words guide at TV Tome. The key to the good life is effective communication. Such a principle was the guiding force behind In Other Words, a now-classic 12-part instructional television series from AIT in Bloomington, Indiana.
Stephanie Edwards, who had hosted Math Wise, returned at the behest of AIT and producer Thom Eberhardt to host In Other Words. The title bore meaning from the humorous tease that began each program. Two people, usually wearing yellow shirts, would not communicate on the same level. After this misunderstanding, Stephanie Edwards would segue into a humorous drama with more poor communications skills. The show would leave the other characters (and the humor) to present a real-life situation: people on the job would get their message across effectively. Stephanie would put in a few words before introducing another character in a different vignette. That person would demonstrate good ways to speak, write, critique, whatever.

Actors: Stephanie Edwards
Season 1
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