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What is Squirt about?
Welcome to the Squirt guide at TV Tome. Squirt is a cleaverly interactive New Zealand Childrens show, which comes to our screens every saturday, with the latest news, info, game reviews, food tips, and much much more! From 2004, Squirt has had something new. First up is the 2004 presenter, Ryan Inglis, who is fresh out of university, hitting our screens again in 2005. Good thing Spike T Penguin is there to show him the ropes. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide this show with episode guides. As the show is a presenter show and must be kept up to date, there are no repeats and no DVD or video releases. There have been a number of seasons going from 1996 onwards with 40 - 42 episodes per year and it is impossible to keep track of them. I have asked for episodes from the producers, but they are out of order, not properly edited and putting them back together would be very costly. Make sure you join Spike, Ryan, Newt, Kanoa and Pivot every Saturday mornin

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