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guide at TV Tome. CBBC's Breakfast Show airs 7 days a week. Monday to Friday it airs on BBC 2 6am-8am unless its Half Term when you can see it 7am-10am. On Saturdays its on BBC 1 from 7am-12pm. On Sundays its on 7am-10.00am, BBC 2. The Show
Michael Underwood and Liam Dolan were the presenters of the breakfast show until CBBC was revamped in 2001. In 2002, Kate Heavenor and Barney Harwood took over and the show was renamed The Kate and Barney Breakfast Show. But in early 2004, Kate left CBBC so there was nobody to do the breakfast show. The presenters were always mixed from CBBC One and CBBC Channel. In the summer of 2004,Sophie Macdonnel was given the breakfast show and she is now one of the main presenters. But as the olympics was aired, she had a break and it was down to Andrew Hayden Smith and Gemma Hunt to provide entertainment in the brand new studio. But September dawned and Sophie had the show back with The Saturday Show
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