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Welcome to the Ricky's Room guide at TV Tome. Contrary to what people think, this is not a Barney & Friends knock-off, per se. Jeff Deverett, Samuel Harrison and Benson Dale produced Ricky's Room during a Barney & Friends hiatus. Ricky Rhino, his little friend Nicky Rhino, and their cousin Harold Hippo are always on the spot, getting together with four young friends

Actors: Jake Epstein, Jordan Dawe, Jordi Mandlowitz, Jessica Gillian Parr, Darrell Hicks, Daniel Birnbaum, Alessandra Cannito, Stephanie Padua, Robert Jaimet, Reston Williams, Ian Bradley-Perrin, Shane Simpson, Christine Casarsa, Paula Brancati, Paul Kauffman, Paula Kaye, Ale
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