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What is thirtysomething about?
When thirtysomething debuted in 1987 it was attacked by some critics as being a self-indulgent examination of the minutiae of yuppie life. Before the first season was over, some of those same critics were covering their tracks by calling it "the most improved show on television." Producers Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz had teamed up before on Family and would go on to create My So-Called Life, Relativity and Once and Again. Often using feature-film techniques, their brand of what could be called "reality" television tackled not only the small subjects, but the big ones too, all the way from life to death, as they followed their characters on the road from the idealism of youth to the search for security and responsibility as they glided toward middle age.

Actors: Melanie Mayron, Patricia Wettig, Patricia Kalember, Peter Horton, Timothy Busfield, Ken Olin, Polly Draper, Mel Harris
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of thirtysomething

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 4: Couples  
    Episode 8: Weaning  
    Episode 11: Therapy  
    Episode 19: Undone  
    Episode 20: Tenure  

Season 2 of thirtysomething

    Episode 4: Trust Me  
    Episode 6: Politics  
    Episode 7: Success  
    Episode 14: New Job  

Season 3 of thirtysomething

    Episode 4: New Baby  
    Episode 5: Legacy  
    Episode 7: Pilgrims  
    Episode 13: Post-Op  
    Episode 21: Arizona  

Season 4 of thirtysomething

    Episode 3: Control  
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