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"Facing life alone...they turned to crime together."
Three armed robbers - Harry Rawlins, Terry Miller and Joe Pirelli - are killed during an armed robbery. They are survived by their widows, Dolly Rawlins (Ann Mitchell), Shirley Miller (Fiona Hendley) and Linda Pirelli (Maureen O'Farrell). With the police applying pressure, and a rival gang intending to take over Harry Rawlins' crime business, the widows turn to Dolly for leadership.

Actors: Eva Mottley, Adrian Rawlins, Buffy Davis, Paul Jesson, Maggie McCarthy, Jeffrey Chiswick, Linda Marlowe, Fiona Hendley, Indra Ové, Zoe Heyes, Peter Machien, George Castigan, Hugh Quarshire, Stephen Yardly, Debby Bishop, Andrew Kazamia, Mike Felix, Catherine Neilson, An
Genre: Drama
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Season 3
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