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Hilda Ho (Tang Shui Man) is a very capable and independent career woman. Lacking confidence in the institute of marriage, she becomes pregnant just for a baby. Hilda's subordinate Ko Chi Ling (Ng Mei Heng) falls in love with a younger man Chai Fuen (Lam Raymond) after her divorce with Man King Leung (Tse Tin Wah). After numerous hardships, Ling finally gets married with Fuen. However, her life doesn't improve at all. Hilda's younger sister Hoi Suen Ida (Tsui Kate Tsz Shan) is dating Ling's younger brother Ko Chi Lik (Ma Kwok Ming). Hilda believes that Lik is a man of no ambition and she pressures Ling to keep the lovers apart. The huge burden of being an unmarried mother, the endless disputes between the in-laws, the conflicts between sisters, the ongoing cheats and mistrusts in the commercial world... How could modern working ladies handle all these? Watch La Femme Desperado ????? on TVBS-E and find out everything!

Genre: Drama
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