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What is The Bridge (US) about?
When a body is found on a bridge connecting Texas and Mexico, detectives from both sides of the border join forces to track down the killer. But that is only the beginning. Remake of the Danish series Bron/Broen.

Actors: Diane Kruger as Det. Sonya Cross, Demián Bichir as Det. Marco Ruiz, Ted Levine as Lt. Hank Wade, Matthew Lillard as Daniel Frye, Emily Rios as Adriana Mendez, Thomas M. Wright as Steven Linder, Annabeth Gish as Charlotte Millwright, Ramón Franco as Fausto Galvan, Alejandro Patino as Cesar, Franka Potente as Eleanor Nacht [ 2 ], Bruno Bichir as Sebastian Cerisola [ 2 ],

Season 1 of The Bridge (US)

    Episode : Pilot  
    Episode : Calaca  
    Episode : Rio  
    Episode : The Beast  
    Episode : ID  
    Episode : Destino  
    Episode : Vendetta  

Season 2 of The Bridge (US)

    Episode : Yankee  
    Episode : The Acorn  
    Episode : Lamia  
    Episode : Goliath  
    Episode : Rakshasa  
    Episode : Eidolon  
    Episode : Beholder  
    Episode : Jubilex  
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