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What is America's Fighting Jets about?
Feel the G-forces as you streak through the skies in aerial combat aboard the military's finest jets. This definitive, 4-DVD set explores the many aircraft that daily stand guard in defense of freedom for the various arms of the U.S. military. Fly over the Arctic tundra and desert sands with an Air Force combat pilot. Sign up for the intense training and heard-pounding missions of the real Top Guns. Travel back in time to an era of high stakes nuclear standoff during the Cold War. Plus, get an inside look at top-secret spy planes. Features: * Jets of the Air Force * Jets of the Navy and Marine Corps * Jets of the Cold War * Unusual Jets Featuring stunning, archival footage of planes, pilots and crews in action, this documentary offers a fascinating look into the world of F-15 Eagles, Stealth Fighters, Vipers and more.

Genre: Documentary

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