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Actors: Corin Nemec as Parker Lewis, Billy Jayne as Mikey Randall, Troy Slaten as Jerry Steiner, Melanie Chartoff as Principal Grace Musso, Maia Brewton as Shelly Lewis, Abraham Benrubi as Francis Larry Kubiac, Gerrit Graham as Dr. Norman Pankow, Taj Johnson as Frank Lemmer [ 1-2 ], Timothy Stack as Mr. Martin Lewis, Anne Bloom as Mrs. Judy Lewis [ 1 ], Mary Ellen Trainor as Mrs. Judy Lewis [ 2-3 ], Paul Johansson as Nick Comstock [ 2-3 ], Jennifer Guthrie as Annie Sloan [ 3 ], John Pinette as Coach Hank Kohler [ 3 ], Harold Pruett as Brad Penny [ 3 ],
Season 1
    Episode : Pilot  
    Episode : King Kube  
Season 2
    Episode : Diner '75  
Season 3
    Episode : The Kiss  
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