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What is College Hill about?
Eight college co-eds, a popuar Black college campus in the hot Lousiana sun, challenging class work, a slamming party scene, and 24/7 surveillance by the network's television cameras. Is it dangerous? Maybe. Is it provocative? Absolutely. It's "College Hill," television's first Black dramatic reality show. "College Hill," Television's first Black dramatic reality show airing on BET. The series is produced by Edmonds Entertainment (Soul Food) and filmed at Southern University.

Actors: Kinda, Shalondrea, Jabari Roberts, Delano, Nina, Avery, Kevin, Veronica, Gabriel
Genre: Reality TV

Season 1 of College Hill

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Season 2 of College Hill

Season 3 of College Hill

Season 4 of College Hill

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Season 5 of College Hill

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Season 6 of College Hill

    Episode 1: 1  
    Episode 2: 2  
    Episode 3: 3  
    Episode 4: 4  
    Episode 5: 5  
    Episode 6: 6  
    Episode 7: 7  
    Episode 8: 8  
    Episode 9: 9  
    Episode 10: 10  
    Episode 11: 11  
    Episode 12: 12  
    Episode 13: 13  
    Episode 14: 14  
    Episode 15: 15  
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