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Family Feuds follows different dysfunctional Kiwi families as they seek life coach and communications expert Alia Simpson's help to resolve a range of familial conflicts.

Families are the most fundamental and important institution in New Zealand society and the old adage that 'blood's thicker than water' normally holds true.

But when families are torn apart by conflict - a disputed will, money, sibling rivalry, a family business turned sour, a neglected relationship, a family member "coming out", or engaging in a cross cultural love affair - it can create a deep rift that divides one family into two.

Family Feuds is a eight part series that brings the warring sides of our families face-to-face to confront the crisis they've created.

Living together over the course of 3 days our families will work closely with our mediator to address their differences and reach a resolution.

Genre: Reality
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