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What is Raggs about?
Raggs is a half hour live action television series about five colorful, costumed dogs who make great rock n roll music as a band and share life together in their own clubhouse. Each episode is focused on life lessons as Raggs and his friends discover the joy of learning something new or preparing for a new activity in a world understood by the 3-6 year old preschooler. Each show's theme is supported by multiple segments including the live action story; music videos; animations; interviews with the band's pet cat, Dumpster; and live concerts.

Genre: Children

Season 1 of Raggs

    Episode 1: Color  
    Episode 2: Size  
    Episode 3: Faces  
    Episode 4: Who Am I  
    Episode 5: Winter  
    Episode 6: Sharing  
    Episode 7: Food  
    Episode 8: Hot  
    Episode 9: Play  
    Episode 10: Smell  
    Episode 11: Hands  
    Episode 12: Trees  
    Episode 14: Cold  
    Episode 16: Change  
    Episode 17: Day  
    Episode 18: Rain  
    Episode 19: New  
    Episode 20: Sleep  
    Episode 21: Family  
    Episode 22: Sun  
    Episode 23: Job  
    Episode 24: Growing  
    Episode 25: Habits  
    Episode 26: Clothes  
    Episode 27: Summer  
    Episode 28: Fast  
    Episode 29: Safety  
    Episode 31: Happy  
    Episode 32: Pets  
    Episode 33: Shapes  
    Episode 34: Beach  
    Episode 36: Night  
    Episode 37: Dancing  
    Episode 38: Garden  
    Episode 41: Manners  
    Episode 42: Forest  
    Episode 43: Water  
    Episode 45: Friends  
    Episode 47: Sport  
    Episode 48: Park  
    Episode 49: Books  
    Episode 50: Slow  
    Episode 51: Taste  
    Episode 52: Party  
    Episode 54: Flying  
    Episode 55: Farms  
    Episode 56: Space  
    Episode 57: Pretend  
    Episode 58: Dreams  
    Episode 60: Nature  
    Episode 63: Times  
    Episode 64: Love  
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