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What is Perfect Strangers about?
The series chronicles the rocky coexistence of Larry Appleto and his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous. A Wisconsin native, Larry, who comes from a large family with numerous brothers and sisters, has just moved into a new apartment in Chicago, and is experiencing his first joys of newfound privacy when Balki, a hitherto unknown cousin from a Greek-like island in the Mediterranean called Mypos, drops by to live with him. Balki, a shepherd by trade, interprets what little he knows about the United States by relying on his own recollections of American pop culture, which are often out-of-context. After initially gently rebuffing his cousin's request to stay at his apartment, Larry, an aspiring photographer, decides to take Balki under his wing and teach him about American life...

Actors: Bronson Pinchot, Belita Moreno, Alisan Porter, Ernie Sabella, Melanie Wilson, Jo Marie Payton, Anton Lesser, F.J. O'Neil, Lise Cutter, Mark Linn-Baker, Rebecca Arthus, Sam Anderson
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Perfect Strangers

Season 2 of Perfect Strangers

Season 3 of Perfect Strangers

Season 4 of Perfect Strangers

Season 5 of Perfect Strangers

Season 6 of Perfect Strangers

    Episode 9: The Ring  
    Episode 14: Grandpa  

Season 7 of Perfect Strangers

    Episode 14: Missing  

Season 8 of Perfect Strangers

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