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What is Words and Pictures: Fun with Phonics about?
Literacy series for four- to six-year-olds using phonics, presented by Pui Fan Lee and Will Vanderpuye.

Genre: Children, Special Interest


Season 1 of Words and Pictures: Fun with Phonics

    Episode 1: A  
    Episode 2: AI  
    Episode 3: AR  
    Episode 4: B  
    Episode 5: C  
    Episode 6: CH  
    Episode 7: D  
    Episode 8: E  
    Episode 9: EE  
    Episode 10: ER  
    Episode 11: F  
    Episode 12: G  
    Episode 13: H  
    Episode 15: I  
    Episode 16: IE  
    Episode 17: J  
    Episode 18: K, CK  
    Episode 19: L  
    Episode 20: M  
    Episode 21: N  
    Episode 22: NG  
    Episode 23: O  
    Episode 24: OA  
    Episode 25: OI  
    Episode 28: OR  
    Episode 29: OU  
    Episode 30: P  
    Episode 31: QU  
    Episode 32: R  
    Episode 33: S  
    Episode 34: SH  
    Episode 35: T  
    Episode 36: TH  
    Episode 38: U  
    Episode 39: UE  
    Episode 40: V  
    Episode 41: W  
    Episode 42: X  
    Episode 43: Y  
    Episode 44: Z  
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