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What is Annually Retentive about?
"This is just another stupid panel show, isn't it? This is not what I was promised!" Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a TV panel show? Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive gives you the chance to find out. Rob Brydon plays the reluctant host of a new history based panel show - Annually Retentive. Is he reluctant because he believes all panel shows except QI are beneath him or because its the only job he can get in TV since the acting work dried up? It's up to you to decide... How do the guests keep getting the answers right? Are those brilliant one-liners spur of the moment? What does Rob Brydon really think of his celebrity guests? And which popular quiz shows did the writers 'borrow' all their ideas from? Witness the bitching, backstabbing, scheming, feuding, anger, tears and vanity that runs rampant when the cameras aren't rolling...

Actors: ob Bryd
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Annually Retentive

    Episode 1: #1.1  
    Episode 2: #1.2  
    Episode 3: #1.3  
    Episode 4: #1.4  
    Episode 5: #1.5  
    Episode 6: #1.6  

Season 2 of Annually Retentive

    Episode 1: #2.1  
    Episode 2: #2.2  
    Episode 3: #2.3  
    Episode 4: #2.4  
    Episode 5: #2.5  
    Episode 6: #2.6  
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