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What is Dear Genevieve about?
Home and Garden Television has created another gem with Dear Genevieve. This program is aimed at the every-man or every-woman, the average homeowner, who doesn't have a lot of money for design improvements nor much experience in design. The host, Genevieve, comes up with designs that fit the homeowners' budget while creating a nice new fresh look. Unlike some other design shows, the homeowners are tasked to do much of the work along with Genevieve and her crew. Oftentimes the homeowners cannot imagine Genevieve's vision for their new design, and are often resistant to her ideas. This adds some interesting tension to the show that probably many of us would feel in this particular situation. There is always a certain apprehensiveness you feel when you are leaving the direction of something close and special to you (such as your home) to somebody else. A nice show, with a good host in Genevieve.

Genre: Nonfiction
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