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What is The Complete Goofy about?
Since his introduction more than 70 years ago, Goofy has become one of the most recognized and loved characters of the animated world, being voted in 2005 in Disney's Golden Ears survey as the character most people identify with. Yet like his predecessor Mickey Mouse, Goofy has not remained the same all these years; he has undergone countless changes. In his 1932 debut Mickeys Revue, he first appeared with the name Dippy Dawg, which answers a frequently-asked question, What is Goofy? He is a dog, however unlike Pluto, Goofy was granted the anthropomorphic features of walking on two legs, wearing clothes and partaking in human activities, like his fellow stars Mickey and Donald. It was his laugh which helped Goofy stand out from the other generic background characters although it is his yell which many identify with - in the early barnyard shorts, provided by one-time clown Pinto Colvig. Goofy became an instant star and was promoted to appearing alongside Mickey and Donald on many occasions in such classic 1930s shorts as Clock Cleaners and Lonesome Ghosts. Despite initially having the official title of Dippy Dawg, to the Disney staff he was always The Goof. He demonstrated his Goofy nature by falling victim usually to inanimate objects such as the piano in the 1936 short Moving Day, and the shorts would always progress with Goofy trying method after method to achieve his goal, with the methods growing increasingly more farcical. However, due to argument between Walt and Colvig, Colvig left the studio after the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for which he had provided two voices and went to work for Walts rival Max Fleischer. Other actors were hired to replicate Colvigs voice and audio tracks were reused, but it was not the same without him and eventually in 1942 Colvig came back to the Disney studio for good.

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