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What is Narita Rikon about?
Ichiro [Tsuyoshi Kusanagi] and Yuko [Asaka Seto] got married after only several dates. It was too rushed because they had not yet known each other well enough. Ichiro was sick on the day of the marriage. He got better the day later. But Yuko was sick instead during their honeymoon in Rome, Italy. Ichiro, who was always responsible for all the washing when he was with his mother, washed Yuko's clothes including her pants. Yuko was angry. During the trip, Ichiro could not speak either Italian or English. He had to rely on Yuko for almost everything. Yuko was angry and annoyed. They had the quarrel and divorced at Narita airport when they got back from Rome... Still, they had to stay under the same roof for some time, since they couldn't bring themselves to tell their parents (who were very excited about their marriage) about the divorce... SPCnet

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Season 1 of Narita Rikon

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