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Watch Doomed Megalopolis online: Episode 3 The Gods of Tokyo

Tokyo has been destroyed. Out of the fires of destruction, the citizens of the great city transfer their energy from despair into hope and reconstruction. Eichi Shibusawa's next undertaking is focused on the construction of a massive subway system underneath the city. He employs the talents of Torahiko Terada, a physicist and scientist in the field of Earthquake Studies, to help oversee construction and plot out the project. With the advent of all these undertakings, it appears as though Tokyo will once again breath in fresh life. But with the reconstruction of Tokyo comes Kato's revival, as the souls of the dead mystics cry out in agony upon seeing their lands being once again desecrated by technology and renovation. Infiltrating the construction sites for the subway tunnel, Kato employs Shikigami and demonic magic to hold the workers at bay while he focuses on a more important task: the awakening of the Underground Dragon. For when Masakado struck down Kato with his power, the black Onmyoji realized that the violent god would never be his ally. Ashamed at his loss, Kato turns to the areas of Feng Shui, where he can work through natural forces that won't consciously oppose him.

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