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Watch Doomed Megalopolis online: Episode 2 The Fall of Tokyo

The episode starts off with, what appears to be Kato injecting some demonic seed into Yukari's body via black magic. Kato attempts to employ Yukari's body as a median to awaken Masakado's spirit. However, Masakado rejects the offer, and Kato is once again put at a loss. However, as he views into Yukari's body, he realizes that his magic has been successful, and he has impregnated her with what he believes to be his child. Seeing as he may have another chance with a median, he wanders off into a 10 year seclusion, waiting for the child to become suitable for his next attempt. Hirai's followers find Yukari's body near the foot of Masakado's mound, and take her back to her brother's house and nurse her back to health. Yukari's brother, Youichi Tatsumiya, is left with such mixed emotions for Yukari, that he unfortunately expresses his love for her through a blatant act of incest.

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