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Watch Doomed Megalopolis online: Episode 1 The Haunting of Tokyo

The story begins with a narrative concerning Tokyo in 1908. However, the grave of Taira no Masakado is shown, emphasizing that his curse still persists. Eventually two strange figures appear in Tokyo at the exact same time. One is Yamumasa Hirai, an Onmyoji of the Tsuchimikado Family who has come to give advice to the prime minister as to how to make Tokyo blessed and successful. The other figure is Yasunori Kato, an evil Onmyoji whose wishes to destroy Tokyo completely to appease his ancestors. He employs the angry spirit of Masakado to bring chaos upon the city, by attempting to kidnap a young girl (Yukari Tatsumiya), who is a distant descendant of Masakado. Hirai discovers this and attempts to stop the evil fiend and save Yukari through his own magic. Unfortunately, the two Onmyoji are too equally matched. Thus their battle becomes more of a tug-of-war for Yukari, as well as a test of skills to see which mystic is more proficient in Onmyodo magic. In the end, Hirai takes the fight his temple, where he believes combined power of his own magic and followers should be enough to stop Kato. However, despite the collaboration of all these individuals against the dark Onmyoji, Kato still manages to gain the upper hand by outsmarting Hirai. Kato escapes with Yukari.

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