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Watch Master Photographers online: Episode 6 Henri Cartier-Bresson - Just Plain Love

Portrait of the late photographer, made when he was 93, for once persuaded to appear on the other side of the lens Henri Cartier-Bresson died on 3 Aug 2004 a legend. His highly individual street photographs - spontaneous yet incisive, everyday yet philosophical - are the centre of this film, made when he was 93. The veteran photojournalist, born in 1908 but then still looking at the world through his unique eyes, talks about his artistic evolution, and of the influence of painting and geometry on his work. He also takes us into the world of some of his artist friends whose works have been landmarks, influences or references for his own. Cartier-Bresson calls photography "instantaneous drawing". He believed that there was a specific moment in each of life's episodes in which all the elements came into alignment resulting in a geometric pattern that revealed all there was to tell about a single episode. Cartier-Bresson had an astounding ability to notice that moment, compose and snap, at the very instant it happened. Unusually, he published his prints with the border of the negative showing - a testament to his vision in the moment, composing the picture there and then, and not relying on cropping after the event. Cartier-Bresson stands as one of the 20th century's greatest photographers also cofounding the international photographic agency Magnum with Robert Capa and others.

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