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What is Floyd on Spain about?
The eccentric but highly acclaimed British Chef Keith Floyd has made himself a household name with TV audiences throughout the world by intuitive cooking in odd locations, interspersed with entertaining comments and conversations. Floyd has branded himself a 'gastronaut' to explain his style and approach, and his series consist mainly of travelogues in the realm of food. Since 1985 he has presented 18 series and written 20 top-selling books. In this part of 'The Keith Floyd Cookery Collection' the flamboyant chef goes in search of the true flavour of Spain. This series celebrates the food and drink of regional Spain in restaurants and bars, mountain tops and the length and breadth of this rich and diverse country. Episode 1 - Galicia Floyd visits the 'Santiago de Compostela', St James of the Star Field, which is a beautiful cathedral and cooks up a Galicia signature dish which has been eaten by the monks for hundreds of years, in a 15th century monastery kitchen. Floyd visits the vineyards, joins the street festival and cooks for the president of Galicia. Episode 2 - Basque Country Floyd wanders around the local market, visits various tapas bars and joins a private gentleman s club as they all work together in cooking classic Spanish dishes. He takes a journey on a pleasure boat and cooks up a tuna dish and ventures out into the countryside. Episode 3 - Catalonia Floyd takes a look at the Romanesque architecture, ventures down to a massive wine cellar and discovers various restaurants and kitchens. Episode 4 - Balearics Floyd starts off in a restaurant and then onto a train journey through the beautiful landscape, and sits down to a traditional Majorcan breakfast. Floyd punts through the salt marshes and cooks a classic Majorcan dish off a mountainous road. Episode 5 - Costa Blanca Floyd visits various restaurants including The Magic Roundabout which caters specifically for the British. Visits the fruit & veg market in Benidorm, has lunch at the local vineyard and then joins a street festival where they mage giant paella s and share amongst the crowds. Episode 6 - Andalucia This is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and the home of flamenco dance. After checking out some of the sites, Floyd ventures to a hilltop overlooking the city and ocean and cooks a traditional Andalucia dish, then takes a bike ride out to a small ancient village. Episode 7 - La Mancha/Madrid Floyd cooks for a member of the Spanish aristocracy, the Marquis of Grinon and his dog! He cooks up a classic dish of Toledo on a beautiful estate. He takes a look at Arab architecture, discovers some of the history of Toledo, cooks a salt codfish stew in the corner of a manic kitchen and looks at the diet of a successful Spaniard on a normal working day.

    Episode 1: Bread  
    Episode 3: Seville  

Season 1 of Floyd on Spain

    Episode 4: Galicia  
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