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The group constructed the shelter's roof for most of Day 16 and Rob spoke to the participants about electronic waste. The group woke on Day 17 to find that their shelter was not watertight, as rain had come through the structure during the night, and they spent most of the day correcting this problem. Selena and Jermaine stirred the group's feces into the composter, adding worms which Rob had provided. Sasha opened the spa which she had constructed and the group nominated Aaron, Sasha, Jermain and Ian for a recycling challenge. Aaron, Sasha, Jermain and Ian woke at 5:30am on Day 18 to take part in a recycling challenge. They traveled on a waste collection vehicle, collecting rubbish from nearby homes. The rubbish that they collected was deposited in the dump, where the other participants joined them in sorting out what could be recycled. The group passed this task, and received a biodiesel generator as a reward. On Day 19, the group turned on their biodiesel generator and powered objects from the dump such as a lava lamp. The group made a 120 profit from selling objects to the rag and bone man. They decided to pay for the rental of An Inconvenient Truth to watch on the TV/DVD Player that they found, despite some members of the group wanting to watch Borat. The results of the carbon footprint questionnaires were revealed. The participants celebrated their final night on the dump with a party on Day 20. Day 21 saw the participants gather their belongings as they prepared to leave the landfill. Friends and family members arrived at the dump and were shown around by the participants..

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