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Rob entered the dump on the morning of Day 8 to tell the participants that he would be staying with them for the next 24 hours. He took Selena, Jarvis and Sylvia on a trip around the dump to try and inspire them to improve the camp's appearance. Meanwhile, Sasha and Jermaine made a hot tub out of objects from the landfill and Jason celebrated his birthday. Rob leaves the camp on Day 9, telling the group that they could put more effort into improving the comfort and appearance of the landfill. Jason starts work on a solar-powered shower and unwanted plants are delivered to the dump, which the participants make a garden from. Lawrence and Ian took Rob's comments into consideration on Day 10 and set plans for improvements to the living space, which they decided to implement over the next three days. 1000 unwanted mobile phones were delivered to the site and the group constructed a cycle-powered generator to charge a battery for the phones so they could telephone home. On Day 11, Aaron and Sasha sorted through discarded textiles from the dump and Jason continued work on the shower. Day 12 saw Ray the rag and bone man return to the dump. He gave the group 82 for the objects that they had gathered; the group used this money to buy a wind turbine. Sasha took charge of the construction of the sauna on Day 13, while the group uses the wind turbine to power a refrigerator. Lawrence lead the group on the reconstruction of the shelter on Day 14. He planned the project, allocated the individual jobs and organised a rota for breaks. The group worked through the rain on Day 15 to construct their shelter. Aaron, Sasha and Sylvia lost their shower privileges as they overslept. An argument started in the camp between Jermaine and Selena, which resulted in producers having to enter the dump.

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