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Day 4 saw the participants become scavengers, as they were able to sell waste products from the dump to Ray, a rag and bone man. Ian held a group meeting about rebuilding the shelter that was constructed on Day 2, and assigns roles to the others. Rob enters the camp to inform the participants that the chemical toilet will be removed from the camp, and that the group will have to make a composting version. The chemical toilets were removed on Day 5 and Lawrence designed the composting toilet. He held a meeting with the group and organised them into three teams, giving each team instructions on how to build a particular part of the toilet. Selena was the only person contributing to dump life on Day 6; she was collecting materials for Ray the scrap man's visit the next day. However, Jason was not working due to religious reasons, as it was Shabbat. Lawrence held another group meeting on Day 7, as the urinal that he designed was leaking and nobody had informed him. The issue of toilet hygiene was also raised, and this discussion escalates into an argument. Ray, the scrap man, visits the dump later in the day and buys some, but not all, of the waste that the group have collected. Overall, 45 was made.

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