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On Day 1, the 11 participants met in a hotel near Gatwick Airport. They were initially told that they were participating in a television programme about man's effect on the environment. As they were all given vaccinations before the start of the programme, provided with "survival kits" and told to bring their passports, many of the group speculated that they will fly abroad from nearby Gatwick Airport. However, they were driven on a bus with tinted windows to a rubbish dump outside Croydon. The group were shocked, and presenter Rob Holdway told them that they were to use a shipping container to provide shelter for the first night only, and would then have to construct their own shelter from the waste products in the dump for use from Day 2 and onwards. The group continued to build their shelter on Day 2. Rob Holdway arrived at the site with a trailer filled with food. He said that the average British person threw away this amount of food in one year, and that the group had to live on this food for the remainder of the week. Day 3 saw the group visit the real landfill site, which is located next to the artificial dump that they were staying on.

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