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What is The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross about?
The inspiration for ROBOTECH MASTERS, this classic anime is set in the year 2120 after an apocalyptic war on Earth has driven the human colonists of the planet Gloire to establish new outposts in order to propagate the human race. Unfortunately, these colonists learn that Gloire was itself once inhabited when its native race, the Zor, return. Soon, the colonists find themselves pitting their elite giant robot teams against the fierce Zor in a battle for the desolate planet.

Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross

    Episode 1: Prisoner  
    Episode 2: Makeup  
    Episode 6: Prelude  
    Episode 11: Dj Vu  
    Episode 19: Crisis  
    Episode 23: Genesis  
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