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Watch India Reborn online: Episode 1 Myth and Might

Indians and Chinese will rule the world a prophecy and a challenge from one of the unforgettable characters you will meet in MYTH AND MIGHT, a panoramic documentary that captures the drama of epic change in the worlds largest democracy. The new superpower is emerging amid the collision of the ancient and the modern and MYTH AND MIGHT gives you a front row seat. Explore Indias rich tapestry of myth from the flames of the ancient cremation pyres on the Ganges to the unforgettable spectacle of Navratri festivals tens of thousands of dancers. Experience the force of Indias might in the mountain jungles where a war for the countrys future is being fought, to the concrete streets of the capital where millions demand justice from their government. The colorful and charismatic Lalu opens the show. Extraordinary access to Indias powerful and successful railway minister provides a closeup of the face of power. Both beloved as a savior of the lower castes, and reviled as a corrupt opportunist, Lalu embodies Indias hope and its contradictions. The struggle for the soul of the new India is told through the stories of two brilliant doctors both fiercely committed to their country, both determined to build its future. One, a rich heart surgeon, has returned home from America with a plan to build a medical system that will bring westerners to Indias door. He claims the future belongs to India. The other follows the example of his father who fought with Gandhi for Indias freedom, devoting his life to providing care and hope for Indias forgotten villagers. He fears India will dissolve into civil war. The sublime city of Varanasi provides the backdrop for the powerful story of a fathers servitude and a sons redemption in Indias ancient caste system. As one of Indias dalits or untouchables, Ramji Choudhury is doomed to spend his life burning bodies on the cremation pyres, but a breathtaking act of rebellion will allow his eldest son to escape the hereditary fate. On the other side of the country, a bustling prosperity masks the chilling undertow of religious intolerance and a Muslim woman fears history will repeat itself in bloody violence. And in the climax of the film, the Indian government faces off against those who have been left behind by the countrys race to the future. Full of dazzling spectacle and unforgettable characters, MYTH AND MIGHT is a feast for the senses and a harbinger of change for the West.

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