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Watch Eden of the East online: Episode 10 Did Someone Kill Takizawa Akira?

Saki and Micchon board the train to go home but Takizawa doesn't. Takizawa is confronted by Mononobe who offers to reveal the truth about the game and himself. Takizawa then receives a call from Saki who reveals that she overheard him when he confronted Kuroha. Takizawa tells Saki to stay on the line and listen to his and Mononobe's conversation. Meanwhile, Eden investigates the theater and receive a large amount of data from Itazu. Takizawa and Mononobe talk about the missing NEETs and Mononobe tells him who he believes Mr. Outside is, a man named Ato Saizo who is the president of the ATO company. Ato Saizo was a great political figure who helped fix Japan but probably died of terminal cancer, though the game still goes on because of the Supporter. Mononobe tells Takizawa that he will become Mr. Outside and take Juiz. Takizawa and Mononobe arrive at a research facility managed by the ATO Institute. Meanwhile, Eden uncovers the data and it shows the Selecaos' spending logs. Eden then looks outside to see a ship full of naked people who they think are the missing NEETs and flee. Mononobe, along with Yuuki and Selecao #2 Tsuji, plan to launch more missiles and tell Takizawa not to get in their way again as they tell him why he erased his memories. Takizawa was in despair after he had been betrayed by the people he attempted to help, and he leaves. A woman then comes in telling the three Selecao that there will not be a winner tonight. Monobe checks his phone to see that Juiz has been moved to a hidden location, and Mononobe says that Selecao #12 is the Supporter or maybe even Mr. Outside. The final scene shows Takizawa sitting on a train and Saki crying on the floor, after realizing that she had betrayed Takizawa by hoping something bigger than Careless Monday would happen.

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