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Watch Eden of the East online: Episode 9 A Man Too Transient

"Pantsu" manages to recover the complete Selecao transaction history from Kondo's phone, and discovers that the Selecao were indeed responsible for Careless Monday, as well as a series of mysterious evacuations in the targetted areas beforehand that ensured there were no casualties. Takizawa was also apparently responsible for the 20,000 missing NEETs. Takizawa makes "Pantsu" promise not to tell Saki or Micchon about what they had discovered, and leaves the phone with him in hopes of fully repairing it. Before they leave, Saki asks "Pantsu" about the phone, but he warns her that she is better off not knowing. Meanwhile, Mononobe, Selecao #01, and Yuuki, Selecao #10, follow Takizawa to Kyoto, curious about his intentions. "Pantsu" discovers that Selecao No. 10 was responsible for the missile attacks, and that it was Takizawa who arranged the evacuations, making him a hero. He then discovers something shocking and rushes outside to warn Takizawa only to be run down by Mononobe, who destroys Kondo's phone before calling Takizawa. Back in Tokyo, Eden meets Ohsugi at Takizawa's theater, where they discover the area where the 20,000 NEETs were held and writing on the wall declaring, "I'll kill you, Takizawa Akira!"

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