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Watch Queens Blade online: Episode 5 Resurrected Curse - The Queen of Ancient Times

Reina is missing, swept down the river at the bottom of the ravine, and Echidna goes searching for her. Reina has been enslaved by Menace inside her pyramid. Tomoe and Shizuka approach where Menace is holding Reina, in the Queen's Capital. A sandstorm appears and Reina, still possessed, attacks Tomoe and Shizuka. Nanael appears and turns this into a Queen's Blade round between the possessed Reina and Tomoe. Tomoe and Nanael become trapped in a pyramid with many booby traps however Nanael manages to escape by finding a hole in the wall. Just as Tomoe is about to drown in a water trap Nanael returns to witness Tomoe using her sword to wedge open a brick in the wall and drain the water out, encountering Reina after she escapes. Tomoe manages to break the curse on Reina, causing Menace to attack Tomoe, and causing the bridge they are standing on to crumble, with Reina falling into the abyss below. Shizuka rescues Tomoe from Menace, and explains to Menance how her kingdom failed because of the failure of the princess without realising Menace was that princess. Menace through her anger causes the pyramid to self destruct, and Tomoe, Shizuka and Nanael are washed outside as it is destroyed. Menace states her intention of resurrecting the Kingdom of Amar.

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