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Watch Queens Blade online: Episode 4 Rivalry - The General of Storm

Claudette arrives where Reina and Listy were the night before and encounters Echidna who explains she let Reina go so that Claudette could become countess and hence reward her. Claudette goes to find Reina, and has a flashback to where she rescued Reina as a child. Reina eats a poisonous mushroom and Nanael turns up to help her out with some medicine. Reina asks Nanael where Listy is, but she does not know. Claudette arrives and chastises Reina for consorting with thieves and challenges her to a fight to decide who will be the next countess. Tomoe and Shizuka watch the battle from afar and decide Claudette will be victorious. Claudette forfeits to protect Reina's honor but Reina refuses to accept the forfeit and continues to fight, asking why she has to be the heiress and does not understand why Claudette just accepts it, when her father did not like her at all. Claudette says she does it for the Bansu family and attacks Reina, defeating her swiftly with a lightning attack. The ground gives way and Reina almost falls from the cliff, with Claudette grabbing her hand as she dangles over the edge. Reina slips from her hand and falls into the ravine below.

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