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Watch Queens Blade online: Episode 8 Shameful, Shudder! Fighting Angel

Airi and Nanael are both desperate to finish the match quickly, as both are starving, and begin to fight in earnest. Airi weakens Nanael by causing her to spill more of the sacred milk, which spills onto some of the petrified people in the palace. Airi runs out of time because it has been too long since she has consumed vital force and due to her desire not to do so in front of Lana, and Airi disappears. Aldra is visibly disturbed by the spilling of the sacred milk. Lana has lost another guardian, and this time goes to Ymir, deciding to help her fix Leina's sword. Lana reveals Cattleya's fate to Ymir and Leina, and Leina says she will save Cattleya. The sacred milk causes the stone Melona was encased in to crack, and she manages to escape. Nanael is then set against Leina, but Nanael is now weak from having spilled the sacred milk, and with her new sword Leina easily defeats her. Count Vance puts a plot in motion to seize the throne for himself. Melona appears before the defeated Nanael with a proposal to defeat Aldra. The next match is set: Claudette vs. Risty.

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