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What is The Exterminators about?
In this funny family docusoap about the zaniest pest removal company on the planet, we join Billy Bretherton and his family members as they are called to take care of Louisiana's worst pest problems. And it's a big business in the swamp-like state of Louisiana. Although there are numerous other pest control companies in the state, Vexcon is the only team that handles all types of animal removal. From tiny ants to giant snakes, Billy and his team have seen everything. Keeping it in the family, Billy runs Vexcon with the help of his brother Rick, who he describes as "just as crazy as me," his droll father Bill Sr., his sassy Mom Donnie, who runs the offices, and his beloved wife Mary. A former US Air Force Sergeant, and a 15-year pest management industry veteran, Billy has taken a militaristic approach to pest control - and is emerging a victor.

Genre: Reality

Season 1 of The Exterminators

Season 2 of The Exterminators

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